Mount Harriet

The Mount Harriet National park is one of the closest wilderness areas to the Capital port Blair. The park contains some of the highest peaks in the Andaman Group of Islands and is covered with dense evergreen and semi evergreen forests of outstanding natural beauty. This National park is named after Col.R.C.Tytler,s wife Harriet, who some time in 1862, was primarily responsible for Clearance of the area for the summer home of the Chief Commissioner.

The entire National park forms a major chunk of the hill ranges in the eastern part of south Andaman islands.Thea general elevation of the tract varies from sea level to 459 meters. Most of the area from steep precipitous slopes to gentle slopes with undulating terrain. Some peaks are Mt.Koyob(459 m), Mt.Hext (425m),Mt.Harriet (422m),Mt Goodrige(376m),and Mt.Carpeter(346m). The park was carved out of a Reserved Forest in Nov 1996.The present area of the park 46.62sq km and is proposal to increase the area by 25.55sq km by including Mount Harriet peak and other nearby areas.