Havelock Island

Havelock is a picturesque natural paradise with beautiful white sandy beaches, rich coral reefs and lush green forest. It is one of the populated islands in the Andaman group with an area of 113 sq. km. and is located 39 km of north-east of Port Blair.

This island, with beautiful sandy beaches fringed with green canopy of the rain-fed forests beckons everyone to enjoy the frolic and fun at the azure sea.


Beach in Havelock Island

One of India’s prettiest and most famous stretches of sand is the acclaimed Radhanagar. It’s a beautiful curve of sugar fronted by perfectly spiraled waves, all backed by native forest. It’s on the northwestern side of the island, about 12km from the jetty.

Late afternoon is the best time to visit to avoid the heat and crowds, as well as for its sunset. The further you walk from the main entry the more privacy you’ll get.

Elephant Beach

Finally I touched the long stretch of white sand beach served with blue waters. Elephant Beach is very popular among Indian tourists those generally take a ferry ride from main Jetty. One side of Beach is generally crowded during day time with group of tourists indulged into snorkeling. Walking left will take you the much secluded side of the beach and perfect for swimming. People say there used to be elephants in this jungle but I could not find any. Tired with cycling and trekking, I plunged among the sinuous green waves to tackle with humidity of April.